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Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Of 16 Years BLASTS Steve On Cheating on Her With Other Women…Including Marjorie! [EXPLICIT MISTRESS LETTER INSIDE]


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Embattled Philadelphia Eagles star Michael Vick has finally signed his first endorsement deal. The player signed a two-year contract with Unequal Technologies, a companies that provides the football pads Vick wore throughout the season. Terms of the deal are not disclosed, but both parties are excited.

“We’re real excited about it,” said Unequal’s chief executive officer Rob Vito. “Michael is good people. He paid his dues. President Obama reached out to him. He deserves an opportunity. This is what makes America so great. He’s moved forward. He’s a whole other person.” compensated by having use of a Nissan sport utility vehicl

The contract has been defined as “sizeable” by the company’s executives. Vick wore a vest designed by Unequal when he came back from an injury earlier this season. He also wore shoulder and thigh pads designed by the company.

“The Unequal technology is a part of my game now and I won’t play without my Unequal,” Vick said in a statement. “Unequal’s protective power gives me a whole new level of confidence in my game. It makes me feel invincible.”

It appears that Michael Vick is back in the business of making money and selling products again. He is similar to Magic Johnson in that both were able to re-invent themselves in such a way that their biggest news-making experience didn’t serve to define them. To this day, most people barely remember that Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV nearly 20 years ago, and in a few years, Michael Vick’s prison sentence may simply be an afterthought.

Watching Vick reclaim his stake of greatness also serves to inspire millions of formerly incarcerated Americans who deserve a second chance. President Barack Obama was wise to point out that Vick’s success serves as an example of what all of us can become if given an opportunity. One can only hope that solid economic opportunities can also be provided for those who can’t throw a football down the field.

The product that Vick is pitching is as perfect as the city in which he plays. Selling a product that relates to football means that potential customers won’t likely care very much about Michael Vick’s off-the-field behavior. Also, Philadelphia is the kind of town that would cheer for an axe murderer if he could win football games. The hard-nosed city with loyal fans has been incredibly gracious when it comes to giving Michael Vick another chance to shine.

It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here. While it might be a while before Michael Vick reappears on the cover of another Playstation video game, it’s great to see him regain control of his life. Way to go Mike, I’m proud of you, please keep up the good work.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition and the Athlete Liberation and Academic Reform Movement (ALARM). To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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