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Camilla Belle Joins Cast Of Freaky Deaky


Camilla BelleCamilla Belle will star in Freaky Deaky and adaptation of the Elmore Leonard books, the Playlist. Written and to be directed by Charles Mattau, the story revolves around a Detroit police officer. The release date is yet to be announced. The police sergeant who moves to the bomb squad to sex crimes, coming up against a group of 60’s radicals who now, in 1974, are part of an investigation involving the bombing limousine.

Starring William H. Macy this crime drama will keep you in suspense wondering what is going to happen next. Camilla Belle is really excited to be part of the cast on the film Freaky Deaky and can’t wait to get started with what she will be doing in the film. Will she be part of the investigation or where will this film take its turn. If you love drama and crime films where you try to figure out the next move of the police you will love this film.! It is phenomenal and awesome. It just goes to show that if you do the crime you are going to do the time, that is if this Detroit police sergeant has anything to say about it. He just doesn’t stop. He is hell bent on catching whoever does the heinous crimes in his city. The top cop will work until he catches the bad guy.

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