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Man Accused Of Sicking Pit Bull On Daughter During Argument


SUMMERFIELD, Fla. – A Central Florida man was arrested Monday morning on allegations of pinning his daughter to the ground while a pit bull attacked her.

Julian Saunders, 49, is facing felony battery charges.

His daughter, Al-licia Saunders, 19, said she and her dad got into a fight at their Summerfield home. She said he was upset when he saw her using a space heater in her room.

She said after a verbal fight, he pushed her up against the wall and then threw her to the ground. She said he pinned her there while their 2-year-old pit bull clamped down on her arm at least five times.

She said her mom, Lyn, stepped in to pull her ex-husband off her and the dog attacked her arm, too.

Both women went to the hospital with bite wounds.

They said Saunders uses the dog when he gets into a fight because the dog gets upset and starts to attack.

Lyn said she’s been bitten at least three times in the past.

Saunders has been arrested four times in the last three years for domestic battery. He also served 120 days in jail in 2009 for domestic battery.

“The dog could have killed her if I wouldn’t have been there. God only knows how long he would have held her down there,” Lyn said.

Saunders spoke with Local 6 from jail. He denied everything.

He said the dog is violent, not him.

He was held without bond Monday night.

According to Marion County Animal Control, it’s up to the family on what to do with the dog. Lyn said she will likely have to euthanize the dog Tuesday.

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