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Men’s t-shirts styles for 2011


T-shirts are again one of those failsafe items that every guy has at least a few of!  They go with just about everything and come in a range of styles including smart, dressy styles, high fashion styles and casual everyday tees.

Many of this season’s styles evolve around the urban theme, offering statement looks that are colourful, bold and in your face.  Such clothing, especially t-shirts are great ways for people to express themselves, their personal style, their beliefs and their opinions and the best bit, not a word has to be said to get the message you wish to portray across.

New styles of tees for 2011 appear to be primarily dark in design with hints of retro colours or a vivid statement and flashy design!  In fact full frontal printed designs have been extremely popular over the last few seasons.  Designs that also run over the shoulders or around the side of the garment have also unleashed a new era of style into the market and one that doesn’t conform to the norm!

Festival fashion has proved to be a big influence on many designers and most when attending such an event wish to wear something that is a little out there!

Online fashion store Very has a great range of statement tees that feature in your face designs, retro inspired and an array of colours by brands such as G Star.  Some include musical inspirations whilst other lean towards a more hippy style and offer designs such as camper vans, feathers, psychedelic writing, over the top hairstyles, drink orientated t-shirts and almost Warhol pop-art like designs.

All are the perfect investment for any festivals you may have on the cards and all look great with shorts, jeans and an array of different styled trousers.

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