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Raz B
Has anyone been wondering what Raz-B has been up to after claims of exiting the country for a new life in China? Yeah, me neither. However, there’s a new rumor about what exactly he’s been up to. It ain’t good either.

Via H8terade:

Explosive reports from Beijing, China. We have no joy in reporting this, but Raz B formerly of the Band B2k is wanted in Beijing, China for allegedly molesting a 15 year old boy. Sources claim that these charges stems from an investigation that began on 3-12-2011 that involved a 15 year old boy who alleged the singer both willingly and unwillingly engaged in sexual acts. The report was leaked to us by an anonymous source (We are confident it was Chris Stokes). The sordid 19 page affidavit claims the 25 year old singer engaged in numerous sex acts including sodomy and Urolagnia.

Though the legal age of consent in China is 14 (God, help them.) In America, we view sex between a 15 year old and 25 year old as not only illegal but immoral. And for someone who claimed to have been a victim of sexual abuse, Demario “Raz B” Thornton should be ashamed.

Due to the age of the victim we will not release his name, (we are confident the other blogs will) but we do believe in innocent until proven otherwise.

This all sounds very suspicious thus far, so I’ll give therapy’s poster child a break before condemning him.


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