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Simon Cowell Confirms Names On List For X Factor


Simon Cowell According to sources Simon Cowell has finally confirmed some celebrity names that are in the running for spots on the X Factor judges panel, when the show launches on Fox this fall. He told sources in an interview that Simon confirmed that George Michael, Mariah Carey, and Paula Abdul are all being considered for the show but no one is a lock. Simon admitted that Paula is actually on a narrowed down list of stars, and he is seriously considering reuniting with his former American Idol judge table buddy.

At least two names that were bandied about months ago are definitely not on the short list, including Katy Perry, and upcoming royal wedding attendee Elton John. Simon told sources he never even spoke to Elton about joining the X Factor. He honestly doesn’t think he would work out very well as one of the judges. The X Factor will appear on Fox this fall and so Simon is now busy finding the right people to be on the judging panel. Even if they have kids there is a nursery for them while the show is going on.

For the most part he wants groups to perform on the X Factor he’d like to find the next N’sync. But he will listen to other performers as well. If you have comments about this post or Simon Cowell looking for people we would like to hear from you. You can post your feedback and opinions here or in our male celebrities forum also found on this web site.

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