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The Top 10 Wedding Songs Of All Time


What makes a wedding ceremony special? The guest? Sometimes. The bride’s gown? most of the time. The song played during the bride’s entrance? Yes. The song played during the bride and groom’s first dance? Most definitely. Music is the one thing that can make any celebration of matrimony that much more amazing. While choosing the perfect flowers, bridesmaids, caterer, and trimmings might be daunting—if you don’t decide to put the weight of the planning on a wedding planner—choosing the right song to celebrate your love is something that should be easy. 

In celebration of our FLICK CENTRIC presentation of “I Do…I Did”, starring Cherie Johnson and Marcus Patrick, we’ve chosen our list of the TOP 10 WEDDING SONGS OF ALL TIME.

10. Monica “Love All Over Me” (2010)
Granted the bridal theme of the video for this song might make it wedding appropriate by default, it is actually a great song. Written and produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, “Love All Over Me”—featured on the singer’s sixth studio album is perfect contemporary jam for any first dance.

Monica – “Love All Over Me”

9. R. Kelly “Forever” (2003)
The current reigning King of R&B has never not produced a killer love song, and this 2003 album cut from his double platinum album, Chocolate Factory, was no exception. ‘We will walk down the aisle watching our people smile, flowers are everywhere, nothing else can compare’—romantic indeed.

R. Kelly- “Forever”

8. K-Ci & JoJo “All My Life” (1998)
Granted it was probably played at every high school prom the year it was released, but its message is so grown and classic.

K- Ci & JoJo – “All My Life”

7. Case “Happily Ever After” (1999)
By the time Case released this ballad, he was most notably known for the bump-n-grind inducing “Touch Me, Tease Me”, but this track—paired with the video featuring a young Beyonce as his soon to be fiance—was what ghetto fabulous turned fairy tale wedding dreams are made of.

Case – “Happily Ever After”

6. Stevie Wonder “You & I”(1972)
Some of the best songs are never officially released as singles, but some how—thanks to dedicated fans—they make it into the general consciousness. Featured on Wonder’s fifteenth album, Talking Book, “You & I” proved to be a fan favorite, and even made its way unto an episode of 70’s sitcom, “Good Times” (ya’ll remember, when Thelma got married to Keith).

Stevie Wonder – “You & I”

5. Babyface ft. Mariah Carey “Everytime I Close My Eyes” (1997)
Only Babyface could get Ms. Carey to sing background, but on this song off his album, The Day, he did just that. Off set with a sax solo from Kenny G (who’s music was a wedding day staple throughout the 90’s) and you have a bonafide poignant ballad that will have any bride and groom’s mothers crying tears of joy.

Babyface- “Everytime I Close My Eyes”

4. Heatwave “Always and Forever” (1994)
Yes Luther Vandross managed to make a hit remake of this ballad in 1994, but the original 1977 version still trumps all.

Heatwave “Always and Forever”

3. Eric Benet ft. Tamia “Spend My Life With You” (1999)
Probably one of the best duets in R&B history, this song was and is 100% romance. ‘Baby I’ll never find any words, that could explain //Just how much my heart my life// My soul you’ve changed’

Eric Benet ft. Tamia- “Spend My Life With You”

2. LTD “Love Ballad” (1976)
A group that stands for Love, Togetherness, and Devotion; probably know a little something about marriage.

LTD “Love Ballad”

1. Luther Vandross “So Amazing” (1986)
Sang by Vandross at the wedding ceremony of his niece, Mary Vanessa Williams, this ballad is probably one of the greatest love songs in the history of R&B music.

Luther Vandross – “So Amazing”

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