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What is “FreeRunning?”: Things I Actually Learned From ‘You Got Served 3: Beat The World’


To all our European MissInfo.tv family, please forgive my lateness….but I’m still catching up on this fascination with running super fast while jumping over things, through things, flipping off of things, and swinging around things….again, really fast. I’d heard of “parkour” which started in France….and probably first noticed the non-competitive sport in a sick Nike ad, and then an action movie (like when James Bond is chasing that bomb maker in the beginning of Casino Royale). But since then, “parkour” has become an international subculture with many offshoot cousins like “freerunning.”

Not sure how “parkour” or “freerunning” differs, but it all makes me wonder…how do they do that there? I’d never heard of “freerunning,” until my pal Heather Park sent over this clip from the latest You Got Served 3 movie….yes, there’s actually a 3rd installment in the house that Omarion, Marques Houston and their creepy manager Chris Stokes first built. But You Got Served 3: Beat The World is totally B2K-free, and instead has an “international” dance competition and an appearance from one of the biggest freerunning stars, Chase Armitage of the 3Run crew. Is all that running and acrobatics worth sitting through this whole flick? Depends on your level of dance fascination….but it comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD tomorrow. And oddly enough, there’s a KRS-One song on the soundtrack.

Watch more of 3Run’s freeruns…
after the jump

Just watching this makes my teeth hurt….mainly because I have an unnatural fear of falling flat on my face and cracking my teeth. Well, maybe it’s not so unnatural because it’s happened! *spaz*

Between this post and the Kid Sister x Kelly Rowland “Motivation” post about juke dance….I’m clearly going through some kind of dance phase, lol. Maybe it’s because I’ve been taking Zumba with Pitbull at the gym? LOL.

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