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WTF It Is And Why Are Celebrities Doing It?


Credit: Twitpic/Chris Brown

I love a good fad. I was all about Tamagotchis and I totally bought into the Pogs obsession that took my middle school by storm in the early ’90s. It’s 2011 now, so I get that most “crazes” take place on the internet, but “planking,” everyone’s latest obsession, isn’t something I think I can get behind (or in this case, on).

Though it’s now a huge, massive thing worldwide, planking apparently originated about 14 years ago in England when two bored kids named Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon decided to take photos of themselves lying down in random places. They called it “The Lying Down Game.” Simple enough, and so are the rules: You must be lying facedown with your palms pressed against you. Keep your feet together and preferably pointed downward. You’re extra special if you plank in a particularly innovative locale and have lots of people watching while you do it, and if you post a photo to the internet as proof. (Note: Unfortunately an Australian man was killed when he fell seven stories planked on a balcony. So only practice planking in a SAFE place.)

Credit: Twitter/Usher

As dumb, daft, overly simple and pointless as that may look, planking has seriously infiltrated the celebrity kingdom. Chris Brown has Twitpic-ed himself planking. Usher’s two kids took to Twitter to show off their plank skills and even the highly regarded staff of the Today show have hopped aboard the planking train. I’m assuming since all these famous people are obsessed, planking must have some sort of redeeming quality, right?

I’m off to go plank something… will report back.

Credit: Twitter/The Today Show

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