Gorilla Leak Exclusive: Interview with One Chance Entertainment

Gorilla Leak Exclusive: Interview with One Chance

I had the chance to speak with Nappy Boy Entertainment’s One Chance. They shared with me their relationship with T-Pain, their view on their mixtapes, and what to expect from them in the future.

Who are the faces behind the group One Chance?
The Faces behind One Chance are Michael, Jon, Courtney, and Rob 4 guys from the south side of Chicago who came together and weren’t put together.

How long have you guys been putting out music together?
We have been putting out music together for about 10 years.

Do any of you have any solo projects you work on?
Currently No one has any solo projects being worked on. Although we do dabble in writing for other artist.

How did you guys go about working with T-Pain?
We got to working with T-Pain when we happened to be at one of his summer pool parties. Someone told us to come to the party & there we ended up telling Pain that we were free agents. He then asked us to hear some of the music we had been working on and was blown away! Immediately wanted to sign us.

With features from Usher & being acclaimed by fellow artists like Drake what is next for One Chance?
What’s next for One Chance is putting out more music and also putting more visuals with the music so that we can build a greater awareness all over the world! And of course doing shows!

I see you’ve done a nice amount of work with the BLKDMNDS. How do you like working with them, and will we be seeing more collaborations between you two?
We love working with BLKDMNDS! They are very talented. They have a great vision. They have the ability to turn nothing into looking like a million dollars! We will continue to work with them for the long run!!!7. We are currently working on a new mix tape. We haven’t decided on a title yet. You can expect to hear real music. Music that can touch all emotions. Also fun music that you can have a good time to! We hope to release the new mix tape soon. We just want to make sure all the music is perfect.

Last year you dropped Ain’t No Room For Talkin’ and there is word you are working on another mix tape for this year. What can we expect on your next project and when will we be hearing some music off of it?
Right now we are more focused on putting visuals to the music we put out so that we can create a greater buzz. As for an album we record every song as if it is for an album. We want our mixtapes to have that album feel. So our mixtapes are our albums!

To find more from One Chance visit them on Twitter via @OneChanceMusic, and at their official site at www.OneChanceonline.com.

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