Ms.Rose – Remy Grey


“The New Kanye West of our Generation” (Director)

“You don’t need to be a psychic to see that Remy Grey is the future of music, his lyrics and productions are outstanding.” (Raw)

“His talent to create music targeting the masses emotions will make him so powerful. We will be watching his progress.” ( Head of L.A.M.E Records)

Remy grey has debut his new Ms.Rose Music Video produced by him completely. This is apart of his next duo compilation “Indigo Therapy” which will be releasing December 3rd . Remy has produced all the tracks off this next compilation and plans to release project later on this year.
Remy Grey is an American Musician, Producer, Videographer, and Fashion Designer. His producing sound is based off of multi-instruments, drums and erie samples, setting a mood for his audience. Classical music, Rebels, Trap music, Trip-Hop, Oldie R&b, and electronica heavily influences Remy.