Video editing Tips every Beginner Must Know

Video editing Tips every Beginner Must Know

If you wish to step into video editing, you must know that it is not a skill that can be developed overnight. However, if you have enough patience, the right kind of tools, great presence of mind and some helpful tips, you can learn many aspects of this exciting subject pretty sooner. If you are a beginner level video editor, the tips emphasized in this article are worth considering.

  1. Find the ideal computer for the purpose

The performance of your computer will create a significant influence in terms of the productivity. A faster computer always makes sure that you focus on work other than waiting for the computer to respond. It is completely OK to use a Windows PC over Mac as far as it has excellent performance. It is always better than the configurations of the computer should be ahead of the recommended requirements of the software you intend to use. (Most of the software you use will have recommended hardware configurations including the RAM, Video Card, and Processor).

  1. Master your keyboard shortcuts

Depending on the software you use, there will be a number of keyboard shortcuts for you to try when doing video editing. These keyboard shortcuts can save a considerable amount of time and make work significantly easier for you other than navigating through menus. So, you must learn the keyboard shortcuts related to your software at the first place.

  1. Don’t use pirated software

If you intend to use a pirated video editing software and save some money, you are not likely to end up with the best results. Such software may perform with errors constantly and may cause significant issues in terms of computer security. Pirated software can contain harmful programs that may weaken your computer security dangerously. You should always remember that professional video editing is not a cheap subject and therefore you should be prepared to spend some money at least on genuine software.

  1. Use external hard drives

When it comes to rendering your videos, perfectly performing hard drive is a key factor. However, when you are dealing with an expensive video editing project, you must also consider getting an external hard drive instead of solely relying on the inbuilt HDD. In case of a computer security issue, externally stored files are not harmed and that becomes an advantage when you deal with a large video editing project. Make sure that your external hard disk has a better connection speed (USB 3.0) or Thunderbolt.

Apart from that, the mouse you use may play a notable role. If you are using an ordinary mouse that has basic features only, you must be having a hard time with video editing. To make the best use of the hi-end video editing software or video converting apps you use, you should settle for nothing but a gaming mouse. Such mouse can help you save a considerable amount of time and make work more enjoyable. After all, all these tips should be blended with superb creativity if you wish to end up with a ‘wow-piece’.